February 23, 2016


This isn't going to make me popular, but I wish museums wouldn't work quite so hard at getting children to visit. I went to one at the weekend because I had a couple of hours to waste while my other half saw a friend in hospital. It was pouring with rain and I took what I thought was a sensible option to see a museum and art gallery. I forgot it was half term.

The place was heaving with annoying kids, running round, yelling, leaping on and off things and totally ignoring the 'don't touch' signs. OK, so a few of them were wandering round looking for things on an I spy sheet in a rather well thought out treasure trail, but the majority were just irritating.

And the parents were doing nothing to stop them being monsters. They probably all went home thinking they'd had a good day and contributed to their angels' education. But they weren't learning anything, they were just in the way. And noisy.

See, I told you I'd be unpopular!

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