September 02, 2016

Five at random

Here we are back at Five on Friday after the summer break. Don't forget when you've read this post to go to visit Amy at Love Made My Home and see what others have for you.

This week we have five random objects from Derby Museum and Art Gallery.  In date order:

Prehistoric points from Creswell Crags caves in Derbyshire.
1. Leaf point, probably a spear head,made from worked flint and possibly 35-38,000 years old.
2. Another flint, possibly a hafted knife blade. A type of point found only at Creswell.
3. Scraper/burin. A tool for scraping and piercing bone and hide. Around 14-15,000 years old.
4. Mammoth ivory spear tip around 12,500 years old.
5.Very early arrowhead, 14-15,000 years old.

Two glass beads and a Thor's hammer, forming part of a necklace found in the grave of a viking at Repton in Derbyshire.

Medal issued to supporters of Bonnie Prince Charlie during the campaign to establish him on the British throne. Known as the Young Pretender, Charles Edward Stuart was believed by his family and supporters to be the rightful king of England. A year long campaign - the Jacobite Rebellion - failed to secure the throne for him and he fled to France to live out the remainder of his life.

Elephant figurine in Derby porcelain made approximately 1830 at the Nottingham Road factory.

Penguin family dating from 1930s - 40s and made at the Denby factory.


  1. Thanks for the trip round Derby Museum. The elephant looks so delicate, especially the trunk, there can't be too many left in tact anymore.

  2. Fabulous exhibits. I think you would have loved all the Viking artefacts we saw in Dublin :) B x

  3. Fascinating objects, I just love the penguin family. x

  4. Great objects, most I like the first and I would visit the caves. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a nice weekend

  5. Five fascinating things! Derby Museum has so much to see doesn't it? Love the glass beads and the penguin family:)

  6. Ancient history is interesting. To think that people have manufactured all kinds of things with their rudimentary techniques - amazing!

  7. Wow! Thanks for the look at Derby Museum. I love museums ... any kind of museum! Have a great week!

  8. It must have been especially exciting to find the first five, the beads and the coins, but I enjoyed looking at all the objects you showed us and considering how each was made! Thanks for showing us some of what you saw at the museum. XX

  9. Nothing better than a trip to museum.

  10. A lovely eclectic five. The ancient tools are fascinating and make you wonder about the people who created and used them. Love the Penguins too!

  11. You've shared some fascinating objects with us today. I especially like the first photo as it reminds me of Indian arrowheads. Have a wonderful weekend, Pat xx

  12. I want those penguins. They make me smile.

  13. Thanks for sharing your photos. I thought the elephant photo looked familiar - I visited Derby a few years ago and really enjoyed this museum, it was far better than I expected.

    Five on Friday

    Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

    1. I'd love to reply on your blog but I don't understand Google Plus. Sorry!

  14. Wonderful objects! All so fascinating and beautiful in different ways. I think my favourite is the penguins! They are adorable aren't they. Thank you for joining in, have a great weekend! xx

  15. I have to look at arrow heads and pieces of flint for ages to get my head around at just how old they are. It really does mess with my mind. A fantastic museum. Have a wonderful weekend xx

  16. Those flint pieces and arrowheads really make me scratch my head as I try to grasp their ages. Love this zip through time. Looks like a wonderful place to visit.

  17. Wonderful pre-historic and historic artifacts!

  18. Great museum trip. That arrow head. Gosh so very old. Just stops me in my tracks


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