March 31, 2017

Leicester Five

A few weeks ago I had to visit Leicester for a meeting and on my way back to my car I passed the city art gallery in New Walk. I had a spare 20 minutes so I nipped in for a quick look. Here's a selection of what I found. Sorry about the quality of the photos - I took them with my phone.

The Bowman, oil on board, painted about 1825-30. It's by William Etty, (1787 - 1849) who was known for his landscapes featuring nudes. There's a larger version of this in York City Art Gallery, that shows more of the landscape, but still doesn't identify what he's aiming at. Etty was born in York and the gallery has a number of Etty's paintings.

The Sluggard by Frederick, Lord Leighton. Bronze, cast in 1890. Leighton (1830-1896) was a painter and sculptor who became president of the Royal Academy in 1878. This bronze was a small version of a life-sized work that now stands in Tate Britain.

Head of an Arab, oil on canvas, painted 1857. Believed to be a preparatory work, designed to perfect the head before including it in a larger work. Also by Lord Leighton.

Vulcan - no, it's nothing to do with Mr Spock - a bronze by Tiziano Aspetti (1565 - 1607). Aspetti worked mainly in his native Padua, and Venice. The small figure shows the Roman god of blacksmithing, fire and volcanoes, hence his powerful build and strong arms.

And for something different, I found a small exhibition of works by the artist William De Morgan (1839 - 1917), a lifelong friend of designer William Morris.  These hand-painted, ceramic tiles are believed to have been designed as part of a commission for P&O Ships for interior decor.

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  1. Whenever me and Carly travel we try to pop in to the local museum/gallery, it's such a great way to discover new (old) things :)
    Thanks for joining in with Five on Friday, wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  2. I love galleries and museums ... so much to see and more to learn. Happy Friday!

  3. What lovely finds in the museum! I have to admit I find myself being drawn to sculptures more than paintings. It's amazing the details on such work. Thanks for sharing your Five on Friday!

  4. I've visited Lord Leighton's house complete with its fabulous Arab hall with tiles by William De Morgan. Such an incredible place, thanks for reminding me of it!

  5. What a lovely diversion after your meeting and a perfect way to spend a few spare moments.

  6. Exquisite artworks. Lovely finds!

  7. Very nice pieces of art! Passing this on to my art historian daughter!

  8. Always enjoy seeing Lord Leighton's work.

  9. I love that Museum as it brings back memories of my childhood when we lived in Leicester. I used to love the giraffe which is now in Wollaton Hall in Nottingham and apparently was fascinated with the Egyptian Mummies. I love the William de Morgan tiles:)

  10. Enjoyed seeing what you found in the museum. The ceramic tiles are really interesting.

  11. Wonderful. The pictures look pretty good to me. I have Leicester on the radar for several reasons - hadn't considered the art gallery, though.

    1. New Walk is worth the trip by itself - even if you skip the art gallery.


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